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Hurricane Sandy Claims

In February of 2015, FEMA announced plans to reopen and reevaluate any of the more than 142,000 Hurricane Sandy flood claims for policyholders who believe they were underpaid for their flood damage. FEMA’s announcement came amid allegations that fraudulently-altered engineering reports led to thousands of those same flood claims being wrongfully denied or underpaid. In connection with its review process, FEMA represented it would allow claimants access to all engineering reports.


The eligibility threshold for FEMA’s review process is simple: (1) you were a homeowner insured through the National Flood Insurance Program at the time of Sandy, (2) made a claim for flood damage, and (3) believe your claim was wrongfully denied and/or underpaid.


During May and June of 2015 FEMA mailed letters (in batches by ZIP codes over several weeks) to nearly 142,000 policyholders who filed Sandy-related claims to notify them of the ability to have their claim reviewed. Importantly, all requests for review must be submitted by the September 15, 2015 deadline recently announced by FEMA.  As a result, time is of the essence.


Jeansonne & Tschirn can assist you in FEMA’s process by preparing, supporting, and submitting your claim to FEMA in a manner designed to efficiently seek the maximum additional compensation to which you may be entitled. If your flood claim was impacted by a questionable engineering report, you may be entitled to the maximum compensation allowable.


Some have stated that attorneys are not "needed" for this review process. We strongly disagree with this assertion. More importantly, we believe it to be a disservice to policyholders due to the time restrictions and documentary evidence required to maximize a homeowner’s amount of additional recovery.


The question then becomes: Why choose us?


Our attorneys provide our homeowner clients with the unique experience of having previously defended flood insurance companies in hurricane damage litigation. That means we know the NFIP and how to best present your flood claim to maximize additional recovery. Our team of flood damage experts will prepare a new estimate of your damage, identifying all items that were underpaid or wrongfully omitted by your flood insurance company. This expedites FEMA’s ability to review and settle your claim, so you can move on with your life. We aggressively negotiate on your behalf directly with FEMA, so you don’t have to.


We are not a large firm, and do not already represent hundreds of homeowners in this process.  Our services are tailored to the individual; and we carefully select which homeowners we feel can benefit most from our services.  We work entirely on a contingency fee basis (at a fee lower than other attorneys), which means our clients owe us nothing unless we obtain additional compensation for them beyond what they have already received. Our ultimate goal is to assist our clients in navigating FEMA’s claim review process to both maximize their additional compensation, and expedite the resolution of their claims.


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